Much of the work of GEDA is accomplished by the Committees.  There are currently 15 standing committees within GEDA.  There is also one ad-hoc committee, along with two task forces.  Each year at the GEDA Planning Retreat, the incoming Chairs of these Committees meet with the GEDA elected leadership to form an Action Plan for the year. 


Join a Committee Today!

This is the best and easiest way to get involved with GEDA!  If there is an area of interest (or two) below, send us an email and let us know which Committee you'd like to be a part of.  Many of GEDA's Officers and Directors will tell you that they first started serving GEDA through Committee work.  What you will find is, when you give to an Association, you get more back in return.


Business Recruitment - Chair: Wylly Harrison, Georgia Department of Economic Development
Business Retention & Expansion - Chair: Andrea Griner, Houston County Development Authority
Development Authority Executives - Chair: Cal Wray, Dublin-Laurens County Development Authority
Marketing & Communications - Chair: Kevin Johnson, Georgia Power Company
Membership Services
- Chair: Missy Kendrick, Barnesville-Lamar County Industrial Development Authority
Professional Development - Chair: Justin Strickland, Albany-Dougherty EDC
Public Policy - Chair: Elmer Stancil, Georgia Department of Economic Development
Sponsorship - Chair: Mike Worley, Georgia Power
Young Professionals - Chair: Annie Baxter, Georgia Department of Economic Development



Education & Workforce Development - Chair: Laura Mathis, Middle Georgia Regional Commission
Entrepreneur Development - Chair: Heather Holder, College Hill Alliance
Infrastructure - Chair: Jay Flesher, Flint Energies
Natural Resources & Environment - Chair: Bill Bryant, Georgia Power Company
Non-Traditional Economic Development - Chair:  Tiffany Andrews, Forsyth-Monroe County Chamber of Commerce
Rural Development - Chair: Candice Scott, Georgia Department of Economic Development