Infrastructure SIG

This Shared Interest Group (SIG) focuses on Logistics and Transportation and other infrastructure related issues. This SIG provides GEDA members with an avenue for discussing topics of interest to them related directly or indirectly to the movement, storage and distribution of products both domestically and abroad.

For a quick overview of Georgia’s logistics industry and infrastructure, go to: Georgia Logistics Industry Overview

Logistics is one of the world’s oldest, largest and most complex of industries. In recent years it has also become exponentially more important and integrated into the strength of a company’s bottom line. The wide range of moving parts from transportation, warehousing, to technology and value-added service providers makes it easier to think of logistics as an ecosystem; all relying on one another to achieve a common goal, the efficient and cost effective movement of products to customers. In today’s economy, and likely even more so in tomorrows, the significance and sophistication of logistics will continue to increase at a rapid pace. This perspective is shared around the globe, across our nation, and certainly here in the state of Georgia. Part of the mission of the Georgia Center of Innovation for Logistics is to provide the resources, expertise, and direct facilitation to help keep Georgia’s logistics industry growing, thriving, and globally competitive. The 2013 Georgia Logistics Report: A Global Perspective is the most recent installment in this effort. It is a unique and current look across key sectors of the logistics ecosystem including: Trucking, Rail, Air Cargo, Ocean Cargo, Warehousing & Distribution, Retail and
Manufacturing. Specifically, this report explores the changing logistics landscape at a global, national and state level for each of these sectors. Each layer considers the unique challenges and opportunities industry leaders must be aware of in order to help their businesses grow and compete. This 170-page report is not a how-to manual, rather it is a reference-guide filled with data, charts, and information extracted and summarized from over 300+ industry and government resources from around the world. This report is a starting point for industry professionals looking to expand into new markets or just keep up with the current state of the logistics industry around the world.
To see the full report go to: 2013 Georgia Logistics Report: A Global Perspective

For more information, contact SIG Chair Page Siplon, or 912-966-7867